LM Cake Designs

LM Cake Designs offers an extensive list of flavors and you may mix or match, as you desire.

Using only the finest ingredients our cakes are always fresh, never frozen.

Each cheesecake is hand tailored from Philadelphia cream cheese and other fine natural dairy products.

We never use vegetable shortenings in our buttercream like most pastry chefs! Only premium ingredients such as the best, sweetest butter, and high quality chocolate.

We don't use cheap artificial essences to flavor our cakes and buttercreams, only premium pure vanilla extracts, natural spices, and organic essential oils.


"Custom" means that you get the added benefit of being able to choose your cake fillings, so the combination possibilities are endless!



 Cake Flavors
 Mousse Fillings
 French Vanilla
 Chocolate (White or Dark)
 Whipped  Cream
Fresh fruit's Cream 
 Mascarpone  filling
 Key Lime
 Poppy Seed
 Cream Cheese
 Black Currant
 Lemon Poppy Seed
 Sour Cre'me
 Red Currant
 Tira Mi Su
 Butter cream
 Raspberry or other fruit Spread
 Red Velvet (Color Added)
 Hazelnut or other nuts Merenque ("Kiev" Torte)
 Hazelnut (Liquor Added)
 Bavarian Cre'me
 Whipped Topping
 Butter Rum (Liquor Added)


If you would like a flavor that isn't on here-just ask!